Supporting Christian Education

Loving by Serving is a non-profit organization with a mission to serve children and families by providing accessible, caring Christian education.


We help students dream big and blossom in new areas. Small victories are big victories to us. Kids say they never want to leave school!


We seek to be a vessel for God’s educational, spiritual, and emotional blessing to families. Serving isn’t just a word for us – it’s our heartbeat.


We have a heart to build schools together. Everyone’s voice matters. We are cultivating a school family that supports and prays for one another.


We do school differently and think outside the box. Social, emotional, and mental health come first, and all students are challenged and celebrated.

Helping Students Soar at Servant Leaders Christian Academy (SLCA)

Local Support

Facility Rental

I feel that the support was reciprocal. The Milton location provides a comfortable learning space for SLCA while also bringing the love of God to our facility. My desire has been to help to show God’s love through our love for one another. SLCA provides quality, individualized education while teaching students about God and His love for us. It is the very best of both worlds.


Christmas Tree

I overheard Ms. Val at the Thanksgiving party talking about hopefully getting a Christmas tree for the class. I went home and we all discussed as a family how we could bless SLCA for Christmas and we all agreed. We like to help where we can as a family and SLCA has been such a blessing to us.



I was able to donate 15 smartboards and projectors to the classroom. I often go on auction sites for our lawn care business, and when I came across these, I thought the school would be able to use them. I wanted to help because my son goes to the school and I’ve seen how positive it has been for him. I wanted to give back to the community.



We donated t-shirts with the school logo because we wanted the students and teachers to identify with their school as a group and also to have school spirit.

Mr. and Mrs. Grover